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Dutch expert in fishing gear, Jacob van Veen, company, VCU Maritime BV,
"We now use the TVS, and before the Dynamite. The differences between Ifremer and Dynamite Trawlvision are huge, in fact you should not even hesitate between these two software packages. I have tried to work with IFREMER but this simply just could not me, it was just too complicated, otherwise the graphical layout of IFREMER not compare Trawlvision, I would recommend everyone Trawlvision of AcruxSoft, it works fine and simple.
Jacob van Veen"


Captain. Giavasis Petros and Maria. - F / V PETROS MARIA
Acruxsoft programs TVS and TVD It's easy to use. only you must release the use and to the Greek language in order to be more understandable terminologies. As a result we can make good use of all the possibilities. In Greece we don't have fisheries schools. It will definitely be the best teaching tool.
Can a young fisherman to understand much more easily and more quickly how to make a net and how it works in the water. it's be able to communicate with other fisheries systems . You can easily build a net and modifications and to see how it works in the water. No need to waste time to find out what happened and what is the problem. As a result of these better fisheries and protecting marine life.
We love Greece and our seas and always use technological means for fisheries which will protect our maritime assets. And the Acruxsoft programs can do right nets and putting the right targets.
With Acruxsoft programs we can apply the new measures of fisheries policy of the European Union. We can make a prediction . We can calculate the results of the net before thrown to the sea the Acruxsoft associates are constantly available to deal any use problem of the program with the fisherman. And thank you Mr Frank Chalkling for this . We are third generation fisherman and something like that we haven't found on our job.

Results of the work performed in Greece by the TrawlVision software for the Greek fleet.
"There it was reported by HCMR that the unprocessed data show a fuel reduction of approximately 17-18%. This is very impressive and very important!
Peter Spanos - Aegean Electronics SA"

My comment about your software: "A well made user friendly powerful tool extremely helpful for the fisherman and scientist alike
Dr. Dimitris Klaoudatos
Researcher (Marine Biologist)
Hellenic Center for Marine research
Institute for Marine Biological Resources
and Inland Waters


Company Motuka

"We Have Been Developing with some pretty good company to software, it is a company based in Uruguay. It is real time, so you can change any parameters (doors, warp & bridle length, floats, ground rope, speed, you can spread in September door to mirror what the whos vessels are getting) any time and it shows up straight away in the simulation. It has PROVED to be a very accurate tool
As soon as I do I will come back to you with my thoughts.
So far it looks very good and very easy to use
Owen Magnets Hoggard "


Consulting and Training in Fisheries: Ulrik Jes Hansen Kobbersholtvej 227, DK-9800 Hjørring

"Dear Frank
Thank you, I am fine. I have had a reasonable quiet autumn - not too much, not too little.
I am quite thrilled by the prospect of a new version of the design part of your software. From the promotion paper it appears there are many more options - can't wait to see it!
Ulrik Hansen"


"Ciao Frank, dicevo che il software TVD è uno strumento eccezionale! disegnare reti con lui è facilissimo, è di una precisione assoluta, se c'è qualche cosa che non torna, sia nella forma, o nel taglio o nel numero delle maglie, stai pure certo che hai sbagliato qualcosa tu, perché quando vai a controllare ti accorgi che è come dice lui. Praticamente perfetto!!
Cap. Pietro Langiu"


International expert in fishing gear

"Thanks to TVD and TVS from Acrfuxsoft our company Spartan Industrial Marine in Nova Scotia Canada, is winning contracts over the competition. We have used this powerful tool of simulation to predict very accurate how the gear is going to react to the changes in it's rigging.
Most important we have proved our customers the saving in fuel they will get by using different types of netting ( like dynemix), using the TVS. This tool have put us way ahead of our competition and have been very useful to determine the right prototype of trawl before we even go to the Flume tank in Newfoundland for testing. We are very please with the performance of both, TVD and TVS. Thank you Acruxsoft for making our business very profitable and up today with technology.
Ing, Fernando Rodriguez"