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AcruxSoft is a Uruguayan company, devoted to providing technology solutions for continuously improving the fishing activity.

Founded in the year 2000, and currently located at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (www.latu.org.uy), Acrux Soft has been awarded many local and international prizes for their technological innovation.


The current activity is supported by the Uruguayan government and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), through various organizations.



Provide technological tools and professional services of excellent quality, which constantly help improving the fishing activity worldwide.

To become, by means of our technology products and professional services, a global example regarding to the knowledge contribution to the preservation of natural fishing resources.

Our references

frank_chalklingFrank Chalkling:
Captain with more than 25 years of experience at sea, he has run campaigns all over the world for many fishing companies. He is currently the CEO and founding member of AcruxSoft, and he contributes with his vast knowledge of the industry. In 2005, he created the first version of the software named AcruxSoft 2.0. This is used by many companies and independent fishers in all five continents.

jorge_freiriaDr. Ing. Jorge Freiría:
Naval Engineer graduated from Universidad de la República and doctored in Naval and Ocean Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Currently, he is a professor at Universidad de la República and manages technical research and tests in the channels for the development of Acrux Soft´s technology.
ico-link More information: IMFIA - Universidad de la República - Uruguay

luis-martiniLuis Martini:
Fishing Captain, professor and co-founder of National Fishery School at Mar del Plata-Argentina, FAO Consultant, author of several books and magazine articles of fisheries around the world.

luis-gioLuis Dante Giorgetti
Professional Trawl maker, partner and co-founder of Punto Sur at Mar del Plata, Argentina.“We have improved our activity using AcruxSoft tools.All our designs are tested on the simulator before producingthem. It’s easy, simple and useful.”

raul-aDr. Raúl Gonzales:


Professorat Sea Science Dept. Comahue University, Argentina.

“Trawl Vision 3D is an excellent tool to protect the environment and minimize the ecological impact, our university use this tool in classroom and for research activities.”


fernado-rodriguezFernando Rodríguez:
Fishing engineer in Canada. Working as design director in fishing nets in the company Spartan Industrial Marine.http://spartanmarine.ca/ Master of Science in Mechanical engineering (Industrial Fisheries), 1984, Institute for Fisheries (Kaliningrad Russia). Navigation official diploma cover, 1984, Institute for Fisheries (Kaliningrad Russia).

Universidades e Institutos que utilizan el Software Trawlvision

Fiskeriskolen EUC Nordvest
Newfoundland University
Maritime and Fisheries Institute, Vigo
Maritime and Fisheries Tech. Institute, Ferrol
Maritime and Fisheries Institute, Ribeira
National Research Council Institute of Marine Sciences, Ancona
National Fisheries Institute, Oaxaca
Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
Comahue National Universi
National School of Fisheries
Escuela Técnica Maritima.
Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay





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Luis Martini, capitán