What has been Acrux Soft´s contribution to companie´ s economy and protection of the environment?

The system allows saving 20% of fuel. 

Therefore, for example, a fishing boat of 1500 HP can use USD 1.5 million in 300 days´ work. In order to give a reference of the tool´s efficiency: 
For a trawl fishing ship, we can estimate a daily operational cost of between USD 4,500 (efficient) and USD 6,000, in 300 (inefficient) to 350 days working at sea per year, and between 7 and 10 days (inefficient) at sea each time it leaves port.
In a conservative scenario, this is: efficient in terms of operation (with a cost of USD 4,500), inefficient in terms of days at sea per year (300) and inefficient in terms of days after leaving port (10 days). We can estimate a saving, generated by the tool, of 0.5 and 1 day each time it sails, which suggests a saving of at least USD 80,000 annually only on fuel.


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What is the impact of AcruxSoft in the academic and industrial world?

The use of the tool allows you to:
• At universities, investigate how to optimize the trawl design and deployment.
• For the industry, minimize corrective actions at sea, saving time and fuel.
• In education, explain and analyze better methods of capturing, creating a culture of planning and prevention in the fishing industry and promoting sustainable fisheries.

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Wtich are the diferences between AcruxSoft and other products or innovations?


a) The new system contains a unique mathematical model in the world, to predict the behavior of the fishing gear. 

b) The virtual camera allows you to see the net opening performance underwater.

c) You can make projections and simulations for every trawling technique: single trawl, pair, pelagic, outriggers, twin (2 wire), twin (3 wire) and pelagic pair.

d) Fishing gear performance can be evaluated taking into account the factors that may affect it.


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Have AcruxSoft´s products contributed to a more efficient use of resources?

Yes. AcruxSoft´s innovations have contributed to a more responsible and efficient use of fishing nets. Institutes and companies from Spain, Canada, Argentina, India, Italy and Denmark using the software can account for that.  The innovation has also been highlighted by SIMRAD, Kongsberg and recent international awards.


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Why is AcruxSoft different to other products existing in the market?

AcruxSoft´s products have been tested by international experts. 
One of the best reviews has been made by the National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (DINARA, which is a dependency of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing).

Below you can read their conclusion:
On February 28th, 2008, Frank Chalkling was asked to come to DINARA, in order to explain the details of the software he had designed and developed. He gave a thorough description of the product´s characteristics, the most important being:
There is nothing with this type of performance in the regional market. The existing most used software was developed in France (DynamiT), Denmark (CadTrawl), Scotland and other countries, and it is specifically thought for designing fishing nets.


There are very few design programs of free distribution (for example, for trawl boards and other specific components: http://www.enet.ru/eng/sokolov/cad_lab.htm

None of them combines everything in one program: design, performance of fishing gear, vessels, with a graphic resolution which is unique in the whole world and cost analysis of trawl systems.
AcruxSoft gathers the most relevant elements of trawl fishing, analyzes, assesses, informs and calculates inputs. This complete integration, combining fishing technology with profitability, makes it unique in the market.

The companies mentioned in DINARA´s evaluation are the following:
DynamiT: Fishing nets simulator. Does not comprise the rest of the items involved in trawling.
CadTrawl: Designed only for drawing fishing nets.  
Indirectly, the main competitors of AcruxSoft are traditional trawl fishing techniques, which are based on the experience of captains.


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Why choose Acrux Soft´s products?

AcruxSoft is a leading company in the development of trawling simulators and interfaces. Its team consists of specialists in the fishing area and engineers who work every day to bring the best solutions to their users.


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Who are the members of AcruxSoft´s team?

AcruxSoft´s team has had the following four participants:

1) The Academy, which generated mathematical models of hydrodynamic resistance (Naval  Eng. and PhD specialized in mechanics of fluids.)
2) Telecommunications industry, which carried out technology transfer (Norwegian leading company in the business of underwater telemetry.)
3) An expert user (fishing captain), who provided knowledge of operations and requirements.
4) Computer professionals, experts in computer graphics who developed the visual interface.

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Wich are the benefits of AcruxSoft´s products?

It enables the correction and visualization of fishing nets through virtual cameras. It reduces up to 20% fuel use and optimizes the catch, preserving young species.
It is a tool for responsible industrial fishing, which minimizes the ecological impact.
Predicting the behavior of fishing gear minimizesthe corrective actions at sea, optimizing and saving energy.Fish more in less time, saving money and improving efficiencya) Fuel savingsb)

Catch systems optimization.
c) Energy savings.                                                                     
d) Less time.                                                                                                     
e) Efficiency              
f) More catch


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How was AcruxSoft born?

AcruxSoft was created by Frank Chalkling, fishing captain with more than 25 years´ experience at sea. In 1992, during his fishing voyages, Chalkling developed the first version of the software, but continued his self-taught studies, increasing his knowledge of marine technology, math and graphic programming. 
In 2009 he abandoned his career as a seaman and founded AcruxSoft SRL. Currently, Chalkling contributes to the firm with his vast knowledge about the fishing industry, in order to develop products and services used by companies and independent fishers in all five continents.


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